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Destination Development has been a major initiative of the Meadowlands Chamber since 2004 when first establishing a convention and visitors bureau within the Chamber to showcase our destination related members and to grow the tourism segment of the regional economy. We believe destination development will be a major component of the regional economy in coming years creating jobs and economic growth for Meadowlands communities.

In 2017, Meadowlands region reports a total of $5.1 billion in spending; a 19% growth over the past five years. For a full review of our most recent economic impact report, see below.

Billion Dollars in Visitor Spend


% Increase since 2012


Tourism Supported Jobs


Million Dollars in Local Govn't Resources Generated by Tourism

The MLCVB is the comprehensive destination-marketing channel for travel to the metropolitan New Jersey region. Through partnership investment, NJOTT Grants and Event Sponsorships the MLCVB uses print and digital marketing strategies to showcase our unique sports, entertainment, retail, ecological, cultural and transportation assets as an primary destination attracting new extended visits to the Meadowlands.

The MLCVB continues to play an important role in bringing major events to the region including WrestleMania 29, the 2014 Super Bowl, COPA, and CONCACAF international soccer among major concerts.  Looking at the future, the MLCVB is part of the team that helped secure WrestleMania 35 in 2019, The Transplant Games in 2021, Army/Navy for 2021 and World Cup in 2026.

The MLCVB continues to lead the public debate regarding how to capitalize on a growing destination related economy in our region.

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