Meadowlands Live! | Convention & Visitors Bureau (MLCVB), a division of the Meadowlands Chamber, is the comprehensive destination-marketing channel for travel and tourism to the Meadowlands region. The MLCVB presents its unique sports, hospitality, entertainment, cultural and transportation assets as an emerging primary destination to attract new and extended visits. The MLCVB is part of the team that helped secure the Super Bowl XLVIII, WrestleMania 29 & 35, The 2021/22 Transplant Games, Army/Navy 2021 and World Cup in 2026. The MLCVB continues to advocate for the building of a new multi-use convention center on the site of the shuttered Arena at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Visit www.meadowlandslive.com to see where to stay, eat, play and shop or call 877-MLCVB-US.

Tourism Development is Economic Development!

The Meadowlands region currently produces 6 billion in annual tourism spending and it supports close to 100,000 jobs!

Tourism Development has been a major initiative of the Meadowlands Chamber since 2004 when we established a convention and visitors bureau to showcase our destination related members and attract major events.

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