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New for 2018

We are happy to report that we are bringing a few new Member Benefits to kick off 2018. These particular three products directly address the most frequent requests for information we get from you, the membership.

Business Incident Recovery

You have your data backed up, you have your insurance, but do you have a business continuity plan to keep your business running if there’s a disaster event or other operational disruption? Disaster preparedness, natural or otherwise, is critical to all companies. Were you prepared during Hurricane Sandy, or if there were to be a Terrorist Event?  Statistics prove that those businesses with a plan are the ones that can survive a closure or suspension of operations and then thrive. The Meadowlands Chamber has negotiated a very reasonably priced planning product specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. The Business Continuity Planner, developed by Continuity Dynamics, is a complete planning tool that will serve as a road map when disaster strikes.

To take advantage of this offer please call (888) 977-7475 or visit www.ContinuityDynamics.com and use code: MEANJ.

Retirement Solutions

Retirement planning is on everyone’s mind and the subject of offering retirement benefits for employees and business owners is often complicated and very expensive, which can lead to delays in implementing. The “Retirement Solution” has been created exclusively for our members. This program offers significant cost savings, fiduciary support and protection, third party administration and much more!

For more information, contact Steve or Brad at (973) 439-0200

Discounted Shipping Rates

UPS provides discounted shipping rates to members of the Meadowlands Chamber. The discounts range as high as 30%. The discounts vary by spending tier and type of services used. These are great benefits for Small and Medium size businesses who are looking for great transportation services with savings benefits.

Exclusive Benefits for Meadowlands Chamber Members

MRC members may qualify for an exclusive contingent guaranteed offer for life insurance, short-term disability, and accident insurance based on just three questions. If your organization has 10+ employees and depending on how you answer the required questions, you might qualify for these valuable benefits.

For more information on this Exciting and Exclusive Meadowlands Affinity Offer, please see Luis Guerra and/or Orlando Mendez for details.

The Meadowlands Chamber offers essCert

The Meadowlands Chamber offers essCert, the online solution for processing Certificates of Origin for exporters/freight forwarders and is endorsed by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Association, to ease the time and expense companies must spend on paperwork to export their products outside of the USA.  We offer it to make your job easier and your company more profitable, and as essCert has grown in popularity it has proven to be a major cost savings benefit and convenience for many of our members who need to ship and distribute their goods.  The convenience of 24/7 access, the elimination of courier fees, and reduced staff handling all add up to lower administration costs and a faster turnaround time.

The registration process is simple and we’re confident that essCert will become standard operating procedure for your company once you try it.

Want a better Bank Card processor?

Faster Equipment, Easier Processing, Better Rates? You’ve got it with BankCard Solutions through the Meadowlands Chamber member benefit program.  Call 201-226-1777 for details on FREE solutions for new accounts.

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