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The Meadowlands region has become a major center of economic activity in New Jersey and the Chamber plays an important role by being a strong advocate of critical issues on behalf of our membership. Our Public Affairs Committee identifies issues and legislation that will impact businesses in the region and we develop a proactive plan to be the voice of the business community to local, county, state and federal officials. The Meadowlands Chamber has established a credible and respected advocacy platform by being a consistent voice and by collaborating with other business groups as well as local officials.

As experience shows us, Economic Development success is very often affected by public policy that addresses the following critical regional issues:

Transportation Infrastructure

Mobility is the key to a vibrant economy, so the MC will always focus its attention on road and mass transit infrastructure and the needed consistent investment in our roadways, tunnels, bridges and technology such as advanced traffic signal control systems.  Over the years the Chamber has authored many  “ White Papers” and we regularly conduct Transportation Summit events that keep our policy makers focused on all of the transportation options that require attention. 

Education & Workforce Development

The Chamber has among its top priority the advancement of Education and Workforce Development as we know that maintaining a high-quality workforce is necessary to retain and attract businesses to the Meadowlands region. The Meadowlands Chamber Education & Workforce Development Committee facilitates information exchanges designed to improve the current and future employee pool available to regional businesses. Through committee programs business expresses its entry level needs and training preferences which are then matched with programs currently available in the region. If gaps exist, the committee works with the region’s colleges and universities to develop new programs. In addition to having a committee which has members from business, education and government, the committee conducts frequent surveys and symposia. 

Bergen County Workforce Investment Board

Hudson County Workforce Investment Board

Flood Control

Hurricane Sandy and now the threat of a rising sea level has us focused on how to prevent the tremendous loss of another future hurricane with drenching rains. The Meadowlands Region with its tidal basins and tributaries off of major rivers means we need to address the maintenance of tide gates, pump stations along with the berms and existing flood control features to insure we can protect life and property. The MC is actively working with the NJSEA, NJDEP and the Federal EPA on many fronts. See the link below for further information.

Rebuild by Design Meadowlands Project

Zoning and Regulatory Master Plan

In 2015, legislation was passed in NJ to consolidate 2 state agencies. The New Jersey Sports Exhibition Authority ( NJSEA) absorbed the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) who had original oversight and regulatory authority over the zoning and redevelopment of the 14 Meadowlands Communities. The NJMC approved a regional Master Plan back in 2004 and it has not been revised or updated since. The Master Plan governs zoning and use regulations that affects all property in its jurisdiction. The MC has identified the revision and updating of this Master Plan as a major advocacy initiative.


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