It’s Not About Us, It’s About You

Why does the Chamber exist and what is its mission…the answer is powerful but simple!

The Meadowlands Chamber is a dynamic forward thinking business service organization whose sole purpose is dedicated to the success and business growth of our members.

As we focus on this task we also find ourselves as a community catalyst. We advocate for a positive economic atmosphere that improves the quality of life in the greater Meadowlands region for all who live and work here.

For the past 40 years, the Meadowlands Chamber has taken a leadership role in many aspects of economic development.  We operate with a small management team and a volunteer committee structure that effectively engages initiatives in:

  • Small business and entrepreneurial development
  • Regional public affairs
  • Transportation and infrastructure planning
  • Education and Workforce Development
  • Tourism Development and Destination Marketing

In becoming a community catalyst, we have embraced municipal chambers of commerce and local not-for-profit charities that need to connect with the broader business community.

We are a collection of dedicated staff and volunteers that come together for a common purpose….we are a vibrant conduit of resources and information that will help the Greater Meadowlands region prosper.

We do this each and every day as we are your voice.  Join us…together we can make a difference!

Membership Success

Membership success is the foundation of our existence. We assist and support business enabling relationship building while elevating business education and regional intelligence.

Economic Development Advocacy

You can count on the MC to be a champion advocate who relentlessly works to achieve a robust and sustaining regional economy.

Community Catalyst

Communities and Non-Profit organizations need collaboration and volunteer leadership. The MC is committed to share its resources to strengthen and launch initiatives that improves the quality of life.

Organizational Excellence

In order to effectively lead our business members, the MC must conduct its business at the highest ethical standards, so we will never stop improving and seeking excellence.

Vision Statement

With forward-thinking leadership embracing inclusivity, innovation and emerging technologies, the MC is a relevant and impactful business service organization always seeking excellence. 

Mission Statement

The Meadowlands Chamber is a leading business advocate, collaborator, and community catalyst that positively influences public policy to strengthen the regional economy. We are a conduit to resources – offering business intelligence, targeted relationship-building opportunities, business education, and destination marketing services. 

Ready to become a member?