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Today, in most cases, companies are required to have “Certificate of Origin” documentation when shipping goods to many locations outside of the United States.

The MC utilizes an efficient and cost-effective web-based technology tool called essCert to process hundreds of CoO’s each year. Using essCert allows a streamlined paperless processing solution and members in good standing are offered significant discounts on all processed CoO’s.

Here’s How It Works

You have the option of submitting export documents in two ways. One is directly through our essCert web portal form and the other requires PDF doc’s created in Word. You must register prior to submitting any documents for processing.

Please contact Lisa Trenschel, Office Manager at ltrenschel@meadowlands.org or call 201-939-0707. Our staff will assist you in reviewing cost and payment options and will help acclimate you to this system.

Current members are experiencing the benefit of eliminated courier costs and errors in documentation, reduced processing fees and prompt notification of acceptance or rejection.

essCert stores electronic certificates for 7 years in case our Members need to refer to them. DigiCert handles essCert’s encryption and the data is stored on a server with redundant physical servers and consistent backups to ensure data will not be lost.

While processing Paper Certificates of Origin are time consuming, costly and inefficient, there are some countries that will only accept hard copy documentation. If that occurs, you may bring your documents to our offices Mon – Fri 9:30am to 4:00pm. Due to days with unforeseen high volume of processing, you must call for an appointment prior to coming to our office so we can insure your documents can be processed on a timely basis. We will always make every attempt to help you expedite your documents.

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