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Advocates of Chambers of Commerce have long believed when a business is involved or active with a local chamber, they are demonstrating an altruistic approach toward their community, as well as, planning for their own success.

Compiled studies yield powerful results that indicate the majority of most consumers think that being active with the local chamber is an overall effective business strategy.  Among the effectiveness, includes communicating to consumers, the company uses good business practices and think more favorably of it.

The statistics, according to The Shapiro Group, show that being active in the local chamber is a good business strategy and communicates that outcome with four specific traits.  Those traits included: an effective way to convey the company uses good business practices, is involved in the community, cares about customers, and is reputable. 

All indicators point to a positive impact and their causes when businesses are involved with a local chamber.  While the  impact reason may vary from a small business to a large company, the important caveat determined from the survey, was the positive outcome only occurs when the consumers know that a business is a chamber member.

Our mission, as a respected business service organization that accelerates economic, community and business development, provides networking and relationship building, business education and leadership training, participates and is involved with legislative and public affairs advocacy and workforce development to businesses of all sizes, has been and will continue to be to convey and support the positive traits that determined such statistical documentation. 

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