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Legislative Update

The Meadowlands Regional Chamber advocates for its members on public policy issues that impact economic development.

Jim Kirkos, CEO of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber has issued a statement regarding the Governor Christie's proposal to use Horizon BCBS’s surplus reserves as a funding source for his proposed opioid addiction program:

“While we absolutely applaud the Governor’s efforts and passion to advance an initiative of such importance to many New Jersey residents, we believe HBCBS’s reserve funds should be left intact as a safety net to protect their members from unexpected increases in health are costs and to ensure that hospitals and doctors can continue to get paid to provide critical services. Keeping the cost of providing health insurance benefits to small business employees down is of primary concern to business service organizations like the Meadowlands Regional Chamber.

Innovative programs such as the Omnia plans are an example of HBCBS’s focus in establishing new and innovative products for its policy holders."

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