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Committees and Councils

Committees and Councils


Ambassador Committee

Co-ChairsLauren Turiello (201) 489-9454, Kelly Schnorrbusch (201) 319-1000

                & Don Dazzo (201) 939-9416

Staff Liaison: Heather Reimels (201) 939-0707 ext. 2948

Meadowlands Regional Chamber Ambassadors support the Meadowlands Regional Chamber in enhancing membership benefits to strengthen the “Meadowlands Regional Chamber value proposition.” Committee meets quarterly.

Contractor and Building Services Committee

Chair: Anthony Battaglia (917) 566-6183, Walter Psztur (201) 787-1763

Staff Liaison: Judy Ross (201) 939-0707 ext. 2943

To give exposure to the construction industry through the Meadowlands Regional Chamber, showcasing what we do by bringing all interested chamber members involved in the construction industry together in an effort to support each other's business by referrals and identifying projects within the Meadowlands region. This group meets the 1st Wednesday of every month at 8:30 am. Contact committee chairs for location.

Emerging Leaders Network

Co-ChairsKelly Schnorrbusch (201) 319-1000, Manoj Rajwani (917) 728-4852

Staff LiaisonLauren Erb (201) 939-0707 ext. 2947

The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is a committee focused on strengthening and expanding the business connections and leadership skills of all chamber members, particularly those who are age 45 and under. (Contact chair for calendar)

Nonprofit Committee

Co-Chairs: Kendra Jones (201) 966-8960, Jeffrey Ware (201) 916-8496

Staff Liaison: Joseph Garavente (201) 939-0707 ext. 2942

The purpose of the Nonprofit Committee is to encourage and support area nonprofits by providing resources, guidance and visibility. The committee also seeks to connect community-based organizations – which are both consumers and providers of service/expertise  -  with Chamber business members.  

Engagement Committee

Co-Chairs: Suzanne Bugge (973) 951-6258, Paul Thomasset (201) 397-1465

Staff Liaison: Heather Reimels (201) 939-0707 ext. 2948

The Engagement Committee is made up of experienced Chamber members in good standing who want to help renewal members recognize the vast variety of programs and benefits the MRC has to offer. Many of these benefits may have been added since the renewing organization originally joined the chamber.

Small Business Council

Co-ChairsEric Estevez (201) 575-1429, Willie Tolbert (973) 277-1752

Staff Liaison: Heather Reimels (201) 939-0707 ext. 2948

Small Business Membership Council. Both the Roundtable committee and the Business Resource Center committee are sub committees of the SBC. Committee meets the 2nd Friday of every month from 8:30am -10:00am in the 2nd floor conference room at 301 Route 17 North.

Technology Committee

Co-ChairsPeter Krautle (914) 417-2270, Jason Hanrahan (973) 698-8759

Staff Liaison: Heather Reimels (201) 939-0707 ext. 2948

Committee that provides technical expertise to the Chamber staff and membership. Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Meadowlands Regional Chamber conference room starting at 8:30am.

Tourism Advisory Council (TAC)

Staff LiaisonJudy Ross (201) 939-0707 ext 2943

The Meadowlands Liberty Convention and Visitors Bureau is the destination marketing division of the Chamber promoting the region and its assets to visitors and local residents.  The Tourism Advisory Council assists the MLCVB with growing this destination.  Members of the TAC must be an MLCVB member and work in the hospitality, attraction, amusement, catering/restaurant or tourism services industry.


Contact the chamber office at 201.939.0707 or the Committee Chair if you are interested in serving on any of the above committees.